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Keep track of inventory items and their stock quantities. The module supports multiple stores and allows detailed breakdowns by location or placement. Individual product serial numbers can be tracked as well as lot numbers. Stock prices are calculated as average prices. Price lists can be created for different target groups of customers. Multiple currencies as well as alternative units of measurement are supported.

  • Every activity in the inventory generates a document that is filed in pre-defined series
  • Inventory documents can also be generated automatically from business documents
  • Prices are calculated as weighted arithmetic average upon receipt in the warehouse
  • Time-limited price lists for sales and seasonal offers can be created
  • Storage locations, bar codes, serial numbers and lot numbers are supported
  • Detailed inventory item cards
  • Monitors minimum inventory levels
  • Inventory checks with a possibility to generate inventory documents to account for surplus, shortage and error
  • Inventory documents can easily be entered into accounts by transferring them to the Accounting module
  • Bulk entering of all inventory activities for a given period

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