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Business documents

The Business Documents module provides everything that small and medium-sized enterprises need for their trading. This includes material ordering and purchasing. The system covers the entire supply chain from the offer through confirmed order to the delivery note, invoicing and entering into accounts. For regular invoicing, contracts can be used to automatically generate invoices according to pre-defined rules. Everything is mutually linked, individual documents can be created from other documents. Thanks to this interconnection the system allows tracking the entire course of a business activity.

  • Freely definable properties of individual product types
  • The entire sales chain is covered
  • Because the document “moves” through the chain, copying previously-recorded data is not necessary
  • A document can be created from a previous document, or documents
  • A document can be paired with a subsequent document, or documents
  • A handy calendar displays the current state of the individual business activities
  • Receipts and issue slips can directly be generated thanks to the interconnection with the Inventory module
  • One-off and long-term performance contracts can be created
  • Allows keeping a cash book
  • Custom ordering of document lines via drag and drop

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