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Allegro Framework

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Allegro Framework

Just like our other projects, the Allegro Business Solution is based on the Allegro Framework. It is a programming environment that we’ve developed as a common web platform for our cloud-based software solutions.

The Allegro Framework consists of two main components: an application menu with a desktop for running individual tasks, and program components allowing a standardized development of new modules. This set of libraries and tools, together with a unified user interface, gives our web applications the look and feel of traditional desktop programs.

New projects and extensions are integrated into the framework as plug-ins, automatically inheriting all the properties of the application environment. This architecture introduces a default functionality into all Allegro products and facilitates the communication between them.

  • Rapid development of new applications
  • Common look and feel for all Allegro solutions
  • User-configurable desktop
  • Compatibility with all major web browsers
  • Easy localization of both the user interface and your data, no language restrictions
  • An elaborate system of privileges, roles, and permissions
  • Allows working in multiple browser tabs without their mutual interaction
  • Interconnected with web services (ARES, the European VAT number register, Company Web...)
  • Direct output to a local printer without downloading the file
  • Can be used as a cloud-hosted service, or installed locally on your company’s server

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Login into the system Workspace with an update from selected areas, composition and location of the components are stored to the logged in user (you can create and store an unlimited number of different configurations and switch between them as needed) Parameters for basic settings and elemental system configuration Menu is built by dragging the application into individual sections Definition of user profile with detailed setting of access permissions Form for the management of frequently asked questions with components for insertion of multilingual texts Internal messaging application implemented for sending reminders The template definition for internal messaging Lists support different ways of filtering, selection of displayed columns and saving of list configuration according to the user; in the status bar next to the pager is placed the setting of page length and a button for export of current list Record detail with an extended range of specialized functions, log of actions on the record and the possibility of sending an e-mail with attached document; for all four types of lines is a sophisticated input panel available
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